Pinewood Derby Rules

Pack 28’s Pinewood Derby will be on February 3, 2017. More detail on the actual day will be forthcoming.


  1. Only Official Pinewood Derby Kits obtained from the Pack are permitted. Axles, wheels, and the block of wood provided in the kit must be used. Please follow instructions included in the kits.
  2. The car must have been made in the current Scout year.
  3. Axles and wheels:
    • Clamp marks on the axle/nail head may be removed.
    • Use only dry lubricants (graphite).
    • Wheels may not be cut, drilled, beveled, or rounded, or thinned. You may remove the mold seams from the wheels however no change in width, shape or diameter is allowed.
    • Original axle slots in the wood block may be filled and re-cut to insure that they are square but the original wheelbase dimension must be maintained.
    • “Three-wheeling” is not permitted. All four wheels must be in contact with the track.
  4. Attachment of weights, steering wheel, driver, decals, or other details are permitted but must be securely attached.
  5. The original block body may be shaped, hollowed, built up, or otherwise modified, as long as it meets all other specs.

All specifications and rules are enforced for all racers. Each car must pass inspection on race day. The official race scale is considered final. Cars that are unable to meet specifications and unable to be adjusted during weigh-in on race day will not be permitted to race.


  • Width: 2-3/4 inches maximum, including wheels
  • Length: 7 inches maximum
  • Height: 5 inches maximum
  • Weight: 5 ounces maximum
  • Width between wheels: 1-3/4 inches
  • Wheelbase (distance between axles, front to rear): 4-3/8 inches, +/- 1/8 inch, as delivered
  • Bottom clearance: 3/8 inch minimum between car and track