Pack 28 Events Calendar

Note that this is the Pack calendar only; Den calendars are not displayed here and can be found in Scoutbook.

Get this calendar on your phone!

Many of you already have Scoutbook ( accounts, and those who don’t should now see an email invitation. (If you didn’t receive one, let Dan Wofgang know.) Scoutbook is where we will track the Cub’s advancement and awards, as well as how we will manage the calendar for the year.
In addition to seeing the calendar above, you can log in to Scoutbook to see our plans: You can subscribe to the Pack calendar with your phone or other calendar app. Go to the calendar link and you’ll see “Subscribe” buttons to the calendars, which you can add to your calendar.
Within your calendar app be sure to subscribe and not “import.” Subscribing will continually pull updated information to your calendar as we make updates in Scoutbook. (Importing will add the current events to your calendar and nothing more — so you will miss anything new or changed!)
Be sure to subscribe to the Pack calendar as well as your Den’s calendar. Learn to subscribe to a calendar with: